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Dell Precision 7760 is the 2021 iteration of the company's flagship 17.3-inch mobile workstation. This year, Dell has given the laptop only incremental updates over the 7750, leaving the chassis and port selection largely unchanged.
The main difference for 2021 is that the Precision 7760 is powered by 11th-gen Intel Core or Xeon mobile processors. With this update, Dell has made sure that the peripheral advantages of the Tiger Lake platform are realized in the new model: the Thunderbolt ports are upgraded to Thunderbolt 4, PCIe 4 x4 SSDs are made available, and DDR4 3200MHz memory becomes standard for both ECC and non-ECC variants.
Other, more minor differences include the inclusion of NVIDIA's T1200 as the entry-level GPU option in place of the Quadro T1000, the upgrade of WiFi to WiFi 6E, and the bump of the 4K display option to 120Hz refresh rate. Last but not least, the 7760 can be configured with 5G WWAN.
Overall the Precision 7760 is a solid mobile workstation with a broad range of customizability.
For those who wish for more mobility, Dell also markets the Precision 5760, which is based on the XPS 17 9710. For a slightly smaller package of basically the same thing, there is the Precision 7560.


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