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MSI PRO DP21 11M is a small-form-factor desktop computer designed for business applications. Notably, it can be configured with either 11th-gen Intel Core Rocket Lake processor up to i7 or a Pentium processor, affording businesses the flexibility to get exactly what they need.
Another interesting feature of the PRO DP21 is the inclusion of two COM (serial) ports. While these legacy ports have completely disappeared from the consumer market, some businesses may have accessories that still need them to function. On the flip side, MSI has omitted the parallel port, which may have more mission-critical accessories.
Other than that, the PRO DP21 11M is a standard, no-fuss small-form-factor computer. It has a 100x100 VESA mount that allows users to mount it at the back of a monitor, further saving desktop space.
The PRO DP21 11M is unveiled alongside the PRO DP20Z 5M powered by AMD.


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