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Product Overview

Huawei P50 Pro is a premium smartphone with a gorgeous 10-bit OLED display, rugged build quality, and a unique "Dual-Matrix" rear camera setup. Unfortunately, due to US sanctions, it is a 4G LTE-only smartphone, which in 2021 disqualifies it from flagship status.
While the Mate 40 Pro from earlier this year sported an 8-bit OLED panel with 90Hz refresh rate, the P50 Pro comes with a 10-bit "True-Chroma" unit that refreshes at 120Hz. Touch sampling rate is also bumped up to 300Hz.
Another notable change from P40 Pro and Mate 40 Pro is the rear camera setup. They are now arranged in two prominent groups. The periscope telephoto unit, in particular, now has 64MP, though its reach is reduced. The ultra-wide unit now has a much wider, 13mm-equivalent focal length. There is also an additional 40MP monochrome camera.
Otherwise, the P50 Pro loses facial recognition and 5G connectivity. The latter matters especially to consumers in this segment.


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