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Samsung DVE45T3200W & DVG45T3200W are front-load tumble dryers from 2020. One electric-powered and one gas-powered, they are designed to pair with Samsung's top-load WA45T3200AW / WA44A3205AW and are available in only in White (W).
Slotted to be an affordable option, the DVE45T3200W and DVG45T3200W are light feature-wise. Nevertheless, they come with Sensor Dry, which optimizes the drying cycle with real-time sensor readouts to conserve energy and prevent unnecessary wears on the fabrics.
For easier placement in the laundry room, these tumble dryers have reversible doors.
They are rather similar to the DVE41A3000W / DVG41A3000W from 2021, with slight update in the control interface being the main difference.


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