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Product Overview

DALI OBERON 9 is the largest of three floorstanding loudspeakers in the entry-level OBERON series, the most affordable option for DALI's patented SMC technology. It is the only 3-way speaker in the series, featuring DALI's signature wood fibre cone in both the midrange and bass drivers.
The SMC technology found in the woofer's magnet reduces non-linear magnetic distortion. Combined with wide-dispersion wood fiber discs, it gives these affordable loudspeakers more control over the lower frequencies. The new, oversized soft tweeters further deliver a more musical reproduction that is rarely found in entry-level speakers.
Designed for a younger target audience, the OBERON series sports a minimalist design that integrates easily into any modern room. The drivers and crossovers are also designed for wide dispersion, allows the speakers to perform in suboptimal room conditions.
Other models in the OBERON series include two bookshelf speakers, OBERON 1 and OBERON 3, two smaller floorstanders, OBERON 5 and OBERON 7, one center channel, OBERON VOKAL, and a wall-mount speaker, OBERON ON-WALL.


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