Canon Speedlite EL-1 Flash

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Product Overview

Canon Speedlite EL-1 is an on-camera external flash for EOS cameras. It is versatile enough for not only studio work but also news, event, and general portrait work.
The EL-1 comes with a powerful rechargeable Li-ion battery pack that offers long battery life with short recycle time. Thanks to its new active cooling system, the EL-1 can fire continuously for approximately 170 times. The highly durable Xenon glass flash tube provides higher accuracy and durability of the flash head.
New design has also been featured on the Speedlite EL-1, including new joystick, FE one-touch memory, LED modeling lamp, and user interface display.
Additionally, the Speedlite EL-1 provides an expanded power range for versatility of exposure with “micro flash” minimum flash output as low as 1/8192 power, a zoom flash head that covers a wide focal length range of 24-200mm. Two color filters and a bounce adapter are included for additional lighting control.


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Wireless Connectivity
Radio (OQPAK + DS-SS @ 2405-2475 MHz)
Wireless Range
98.4 ft. / 30 m


Size | Depth
Size | Height
Size | Width
20.18 oz (body only) / 24.23 oz (w/ battery)


Display Type
Reflective memory LCD, Dot-matrix display
Approx. 56,000 dots (320x176)


Infrared AF-assist beam, TTL second image formation phase-difference AF
Guide Number
46.3 ft./14m at ISO 100, 196.9 ft./60m at ISO 100
E-TTL II/E-TTL autoflash, Manual, Stroboscopic


Area Coverage
w/ EF 50mm f/1.4 @ ISO 100 Normal Flash: Approx. 1.6–85.6 ft./0.5–26.1m, Quick Flash: Approx. 1.6–52.5 ft./0.5–16.0m, High-speed Sync: Approx. 1.6–45.3 ft./0.5–13.8m
Battery Life
335-2345 flashes / Modelling Lamp: Approx. 3 hr 20 min. Continuously
Power Output
Max 76 Ws


Charger: LC-E6 /LC-E6E, included | Car Charger: CBC-E6, included | External Power Source: CP-E4N Battery Pack
LP-EL, included

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