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Product Overview

Sony MHC-V83D and MHC-V73D are two additions to Sony's high-power party audio system range designed for party lovers. They offer Omnidirectional Party Sound and Omnidirectional Party Lights all in one portable casing.

Omnidirectional Party Sound

The new high-efficiency horn tweeters and midrange speakers offer more power and improved sound quality. With four tweeters at four corners, the V83D and V73D expands the sound stage to cover a greater area. The V83D has two extra midrange drivers compared to the V73D and is better at controlling the mid-range frequencies for a powerful, vibrant sound and clear vocals.
The large 30cm woofer and the JET BASS BOOSTER (bass reflex ports) complete the full frequency range.

Omnidirectional Party Lights

Both audio systems also feature Sony's all-new Omnidirectional Party Light. With waves of deep blue, sky blue, and green as well as multi-coloured stripes, they continually create a nightclub experience. Additionally, the V83D and V73D feature speaker lights for the midrange and woofers.

More Party Functions

The audio systems bring along a large number of party options, including karaoke and mic input, guitar input, party playlist, and taiko mode, etc. They support a rich set of media inputs and are splash-proof.


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