Miele Generation 7000 In-Wall Coffee Machines

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Product Description

Miele Generation 7000 coffee machines make for a perfect companion for other 7000 series in-wall kitchen appliances. The range comprises four models: CVA 7845, CVA 7840, CVA 7440, and CVA 7450.
The top models CVA 7845 and CVA 7840 feature containers for three types of coffee beans and can brew each cup without any cross-blending. They can descale (AutoDescale) and clean (AutoClean) automatically so that milk lines and the brew unit do not have to be cleaned manually. Compared to the previous generation, the 7000 series coffee machines are also quieter.
These coffee machines offer 25 different specialties, including tea, each brewed at the ideal temperature. They also feature 10 user profiles to brew to the personal preferences of each family member. The Miele@mobile app allows the machine to be configured and operated (with limitations) remotely. Levels of beans, detergents, and descaling agents can be checked in the app, too. Owners can further order these consumables in the app directly.
The CVA 7845 features a water supply connection (DirectWater), dispensing with the need to fill a water tank (which is nevertheless present). The CVA 7840 does away with DirectWater, Lower end models CVA 7440 and CVA 7445 (with DirectWater) have fewer features.

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Size | Depth
CVA 7845475 mm
Size | Height
CVA 7845455 mm
Size | Width
CVA 7845595 mm
Tank Capacity
CVA 7845, Coffee Bean Containers300g + 150g + 150g (600g total)
CVA 7845, Drip Tray1.6 L
CVA 7845, Milk Container0.7 L
CVA 7845, Water2.7 L


Connected Home
Miele@home, MobileControl, RemoteService, SuperVision display, WiFiConn@ct


Power Consumption
CVA 78451.45 kW


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