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Miele's Generation 7000 in-wall ovens build on a long-line of high-end Miele ovens and add new intelligent functions such as TasteControl, FoodView, and MotionReact. Coming in around two dozen variants, the 7000 series in-wall ovens includes four design lines and several different sizes.
With TasteControl, the oven automatically switches off when the desired core temperature has been reached; it also opens the door to the ajar position to aid cooling before closing the door again to keep the cooked food warm.
With FoodView, an in-oven camera transmits photos of the food to the owner's smart devices so that s/he can keep an eye on the food without opening the door—or even in the kitchen. The owner can then adjust the settings using his/her smartphone if s/he so desires.
With MotionReact, the oven senses the approach of the user and perform a number of actions, such as turning off the alarm or switching on the lighting.
Miele's Generation 7000 built-in kitchen devices share four design lines: PureLine that combines stainless steel with large glass fascia, VitroLine that is fronted with a large colored glass, ArtLine that is handlessless, and ContourLine that highlights the stainless steel.


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