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KEF Q50a is a dedicated Dolby Atmos / surround loudspeaker in KEF's 8th-gen entry-level Q series designed for the mass market. It drops the woofer unit, leaving only a single 5.25" Uni-Q array in a 2-way closed design.
The 8th-gen KEF Q series lends some technological innovations made during the development of the company's Reference series. These loudspeakers feature KEF's Uni-Q array with a damped tweeter loading tube. On bookshelf speakers in the series, the Uni-Q array is moved to the center of the cabinet.
Other models in the 8th-gen Q series include three floorstanders, Q950, Q750, and Q550, two bookshelf speakers, Q350 and Q150, and two center channel speakers, Q650c, and Q250c.


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