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Yamaha C-5000

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Product Overview

Yamaha C-5000 preamplifier features fully balanced discrete circuits. Independent, dual toroidal transformers deliver excellent channel separation and voltage stability. A patented design "floats" the phone EQ, input amp, and line amp stages to remove the influence of ground noise from the signal.
The perfectly symmetrical circuit design allows for the same minimal lengths of signal travel, and a copper-plated chassis minimizes the influence of voltage on the circuit. The circuit further uses thick wires and screw-type connections to reduce impedance of the power supply.
It is a perfect companion to the M-5000 power amplifier.


What we found

  • Balanced, balanced and mirror-imaged circuitry
  • Fantastic build and finish
  • Nothing in particular

What external reviewers found

External score 94%
  • Superb clarity and detail
  • Excellent build quality
  • Impressive build and finish
  • No phono input

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External Reviews


Reviewer score 94% (normalized by Neofiliac)
Reviewers from hifinews have found:
Yamaha's C-5000 and M-5000 power amps show Japanese engineering ingenuity and construction quality at its very best. Sound is typically sublime, with longstanding 'Natural Sound' moniker rarely more appropriate. Both amps are fed by a Naim CD5XS CD player with FlatCap XS PSU and a Michell Gyro SE turntable with SME 309 arm.
  • Superb clarity and detail
  • Impressive build and finish
  • Excellent build quality
  • No phono input


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