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Mark Levinson No.5105 Turntable (MLNO5105)

MSRP 6000 USDNEX score 64%

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Mark Levinson No. 5105 features a custom 10-inch tonearm, isolation-mounted 12V synchronous motor, solid brushed aluminium plinth, and 14lb solid aluminium platter that is backside coated with resonance damping material.

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What we found**

  • Excellent build and finish
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Excellent build quality
  • Nothing in particular

What external reviewers found***

NEX score: 64% (not directly comparable across industries)
  • Decent build quality
  • Impressive detail resolution
  • Powerful presentation
  • Basslines lack expression and expression
  • No signal cable
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14lb aluminium Platter / Solid aluminium Plinth


2020 CES

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External Reviews


Sentiment Score 64%
Reviewers from whathifi have found the following***:
The Mark Levinson No.5105 is no harder to get working than a typical budget Pro-Ject or Rega. Instruments are nicely focused and their positioning doesn't start to blur when the music becomes more demanding. There's plenty of attack here and it's matched to a pleasing degree of control and composure. But it doesn't quite hit the highs in this market.
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  • Powerful presentation
  • Impressive detail resolution
  • Decent build quality
  • Basslines lack expression and expression
  • No signal cable

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1. ^ Mark Levinson No.5105/Ortofon Quintet Black S MC review. [whathifi]. 2021-06-25. Retrieved 2021-06-29.

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