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Skyworth is a Chinese manufacturer of television sets and AV products. Founded in 1988, Skyworth is best known for its TVs in China, though they are also available outside China, notably in the US.
Unlike a lot of other Chinese consumer electronics manufacturers, Skyworth has chosen to diversify instead of expanding its product lineup. With its focus on televisions, Skyworth appears to have more unique designs and higher quality than many of its compatriots.


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Thumbnail of Skyworth SXC9800 4K OLED TV (2021)

Skyworth SXC9800 4K OLED TV (2021)

Neo 76%
Thumbnail of Skyworth S82 4K OLED TV (2021)

Skyworth S82 4K OLED TV (2021)

Neo 85%
Thumbnail of Skyworth XA9000 4K OLED TV (2019)

Skyworth XA9000 4K OLED TV (2019)

Neo 83%


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