Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems is a manufacturer of high-end audio systems. Founded by the founder and chief designer of Krell Industries Inc., Dan D'Agostino, it is known for premium monaural and stereo amplifiers that are meticulously crafted.
Dan D'Agostino was the founder and chief engineer of Krell Industries through 2009. He founded the new organization in 2011 not only to achieve a higher level of sound quality but also to deliver state-of-the-art designs that look like nothing else in the industry.

Product Lineup

The company's current lineup consists of four progressively more exclusive series:
  • Classic: 2- or 3-channel power amplifiers
  • Progression: monaural or stereo power amplifiers, preamplifier, and integrated amplifier
  • Momentum: more modern-looking versions of the Progression series
  • Relentless: flagship monaural power amplifier


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