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Sony A90J Review Rundown thumbnail

Sony A90J Review Rundown

The A90J is Sony's latest flagship OLED model, as well as its best TV to date. The aluminum-laminated OLED panel is only a fraction of an inch thick, though...
25 Mar 2021
Samsung TU8500 Review Rundown thumbnail

Samsung TU8500 Review Rundown

Samsung TU8500 is part of Samsung's Crystal UHD range of smart TVs. The TU8500 sports a sleek, narrow-bezel design similar to the QLED models, even though c...
22 Mar 2021
Samsung TU8000 Review Rundown thumbnail

Samsung TU8000 Review Rundown

Samsung TU8000 Crystal UHD HDR TV promises amazing color, a high contrast ratio, and stellar HDR reproduction. It sports a sleek, narrow-bezel design similar to...
22 Mar 2021
LG G1 OLED Review Rundown thumbnail

LG G1 OLED Review Rundown

The new LG G1 Gallery Series is the most advanced and promising OLED TV yet. Armed with LG's so-called OLED evo panel, advanced processing, and a WebOS smar...
22 Mar 2021
LG SN11RG Review Rundown thumbnail

LG SN11RG Review Rundown

LG's SN11RG soundbar is a full-fledged 7.1.4 system featuring Hi-Res audio and Dolby Atmos support, plus other luxuries like built-in Google Assistant and H...
22 Mar 2021
JBL Bar 5.1 Review Rundown thumbnail

JBL Bar 5.1 Review Rundown

JBL Bar 5.1 Surround has the potential to stand out from the crowd by utilising the same patented MultiBeam technology the company uses in cinema audio systems ...
22 Mar 2021
Yamaha YAS-209 Review Rundown thumbnail

Yamaha YAS-209 Review Rundown

Yamaha YAS-209 is a soundbar and wireless subwoofer combo incorporating two microphones for use with Amazon Alexa. It offers DTS Virtual:X for simulated surroun...
22 Mar 2021
Yamaha SR-B20A Review Rundown thumbnail

Yamaha SR-B20A Review Rundown

Yamaha's new SR-B20A soundbar is a peculiar product offering. Yamaha simplified the top panel of the soundbar, adding larger LEDs for better visibility, and...
22 Mar 2021
Panasonic HX800 Review Rundown thumbnail

Panasonic HX800 Review Rundown

The HX800 is Panasonic's eagerly awaited mid-range LED LCD TV for 2020. It supports all four mainstream HDR formats and uses a Panasonic HCX picture process...
22 Mar 2021