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Compare Miele G 5000 SL


G 5430 SC SL Active
G 5430 SL Active
G 5481 SL Active
G 5640 SC SL
G 5640 SL
G 5690 SL
G 5840 SC SL
G 5840 SL
G 5890 SL
G 5xxx SC SL
G 5xxx SCi SL
G 5xxx SCU SL
G 5xxx SCVi SL


Wireless Connectivity


Brilliant White or Stainless Steel (selected models only)
Form Factor
G 5xxx SC SLStand-alone Slim Dishwasher
G 5xxx SCi SLIntegrated Slim Dishwasher
G 5xxx SCU SLUnder-counter Slim Dishwasher
G 5xxx SCVi SLFully-integrated Slim Dishwasher


Size | Depth
G 5xxx SC SL600 mm
G 5xxx SCi SL570 mm
G 5xxx SCU SL570 mm
G 5xxx SCVi SL570 mm
Size | Height
G 5xxx SC SL845 mm
G 5xxx SCi SL805 mm
G 5xxx SCU SL805 mm
G 5xxx SCVi SL805 mm
Size | Width
448 mm
G 5430 SC SL Active47.6 kg
G 5640 SC SL48.4 kg
G 5840 SC SL48.4 kg


Connected Home


Energy Efficiency
G 5430 SL ActiveA+
G 5481 SL ActiveA+
G 5640 SLA++
G 5840 SLA++
G 5690 SLA++
G 5890 SLA+++
Noise Level
G 5430 SL Active46 dB
G 5481 SL Active46 dB
G 5640 SL45 dB
G 5840 SL43 dB
G 5690 SL45 dB
G 5890 SL43 dB
Power Consumption
2 kW
G 5430 SL Active0.78 kWh (ECO program)
G 5481 SL Active0.78 kWh (ECO program)
G 5640 SL0.69 kWh (ECO program)
G 5840 SL0.69 kWh (ECO program)
G 5690 SL0.69 kWh (ECO program)
G 5890 SL0.56 kWh (Automatic Program)
Total Water Consumption
6.0 L (automatic)
G 5430 SL Active8.0 L (ECO program)
G 5481 SL Active8.0 L (ECO program)
G 5640 SL7.7 L (ECO program)
G 5840 SL7.7 L (ECO program)
G 5690 SL7.7 L (ECO program)
G 5890 SL7.7 L (ECO program)


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