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Compare Ford Mustang Mach-E vs Nissan Ariya


  • Up to 418km electric range
  • Decent performance
  • Up to 499km electric range
  • Disgrace for the Mustang name
  • Ugly
  • BEV nonsense
  • Crossover nonsense
  • Stuck with MacPherson struts in the front
  • EV nonsense
  • Bland styling
  • Bland handling


Extended Range AWD
Extended Range RWD
Standard Range AWD
Standard Range RWD
Extended Range
Extended Range AWD
Extended Range AWD Performance
Standard Range
Standard Range AWD


Cargo Capacity
402 L / 14.2 cu-ft ~ 1420 L / 50.1 cu-ft
Extended Range466 L / 16.5 cu-ftExtended Range AWD408 L / 14.4 cu-ftExtended Range AWD Performance408 L / 14.4 cu-ftStandard Range466 L / 16.5 cu-ftStandard Range AWD408 L / 14.4 cu-ft


Brakes | Front
Extended Range AWDVentilated discsExtended Range RWDVentilated discs, 457x102 mmGT AWDVentilated discsStandard Range AWDVentilated discs, 457x102 mmStandard Range RWDVentilated discs, 457x102 mm
Brakes | Rear
Extended Range AWDDiscExtended Range RWDDisc, 432x25 mmGT AWDDiscStandard Range AWDDisc, 432x25 mmStandard Range RWDDisc, 432x25 mm
Power Steering
Electric Steering
Suspension | Front
MacPherson strut
Suspension | Rear
Tire Size
235/55 R19, 255/45 R20
Turning Circle
11.6 m / 38.0 ft


Battery | Capacity
Extended Range AWD98.8 kWh (gross)Extended Range RWD98.8 kWh (gross)GT AWD98.8 kWh (gross)Standard Range AWD75.7 kWh (gross)Standard Range RWD75.7 kWh (gross)
Extended Range90.0 kWh (gross)Extended Range AWD90.0 kWh (gross)Extended Range AWD Performance90.0 kWh (gross)Standard Range65.0 kWh (gross)Standard Range AWD65.0 kWh (gross)
Body Style
5-door battery-electric SUV
5-door battery-electric Crossover
Trim Levels
Select, California RT. 1, Premium, GT, First Edition


Ground Clearance
145 mm / 5.7 in
Size | Height
1597 mm / 62.9 in
1660 mm / 65.4 in
Size | Length
4712 mm / 185.5 in
4595 mm / 180.9 in
Size | Width
1881 mm / 74.1 in
1850 mm / 72.8 in
Track Width | Front
1617.0 mm / 63.7 in
Track Width | Rear
1626.0 mm / 64.0 in
Wheel Size
Extended Range AWD19 inExtended Range RWD18 inGT AWD20 inStandard Range AWD19 inStandard Range RWD18 in
19 in, 20 in
2984 mm / 117.5 in
2775 mm / 109.3 in


Acceleration | 0 - 100 km/h
5.0 sec
Extended Range7.6 secExtended Range AWD5.7 secExtended Range AWD Performance5.1 secStandard Range7.5 secStandard Range AWD5.9 sec
Acceleration | 0 - 60 mph
Extended Range AWD7.0 secExtended Range RWD8.0 secGT AWD4.8 secStandard Range AWD7.0 secStandard Range RWD8.0 sec
Extended Range7.2 secExtended Range AWD5.4 secExtended Range AWD Performance4.8 secStandard Range7.1 secStandard Range AWD5.6 sec
Electric Range
418.0 km / 259.7 miExtended Range AWD250 miGT AWD210 miStandard Range AWD300 miStandard Range RWD270 mi
Extended Range499.0 km / 310.1 miExtended Range AWD459.0 km / 285.2 miExtended Range AWD Performance399.0 km / 247.9 miStandard Range359.0 km / 223.1 miStandard Range AWD340.0 km / 211.3 mi
Top Speed
Extended Range160.0 km/h / 99.4 mphExtended Range AWD200.0 km/h / 124.3 mphExtended Range AWD Performance200.0 km/h / 124.3 mphStandard Range160.0 km/h / 99.4 mphStandard Range AWD200.0 km/h / 124.3 mph
Towing Capacity
750 kg / 1653 lbs (w/ brakes @ 12% gradient)


Drivetrain Layout
Extended Range AWDAll-wheel driveExtended Range RWDRear-wheel driveGT AWDAll-wheel driveStandard Range AWDAll-wheel driveStandard Range RWDRear-wheel drive
Extended RangeRear-engine (transverse), Rear-wheel driveExtended Range AWDFront-engine (transverse), All-wheel driveExtended Range AWD PerformanceFront-engine (transverse), All-wheel driveStandard RangeRear-engine (transverse), Rear-wheel driveStandard Range AWDFront-engine (transverse), All-wheel drive
Engine | Power
Extended Range AWD337 hp / 251.3 kWExtended Range RWD285 hp / 212.5 kWGT AWD465 hp / 346.8 kWStandard Range AWD258 hp / 192.4 kWStandard Range RWD258 hp / 192.4 kW
Extended Range242 hp / 180.5 kWExtended Range AWD178 kWStandard Range218 hp / 162.6 kWStandard Range AWD218 hp / 162.6 kW
Engine | Torque
Extended Range RWD612 ft-lbsGT AWD428 ft-lbsStandard Range AWD317 ft-lbsStandard Range RWD428 ft-lbs
Extended Range300 NmExtended Range AWD300 NmStandard Range560 NmStandard Range AWD560 Nm
Engine | Type
Extended RangeSingle AC MotorExtended Range AWDSingle AC MotorStandard RangeDouble AC MotorStandard Range AWDDouble AC Motor
Transmission | Gears
Transmission | Type


Extended Range AWD2020Extended Range RWD2020GT AWD2021Standard Range AWD2020Standard Range RWD2020
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