PC News Round Up, Issue 7

Published on 20 Dec 2021Written by Dr Jiulin Teng
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Issue 7 of Neofiliac's PC News Round Up: This time, we bring 3 updates from MSI, Sapphire Technology, and Xiaomi.
This Round Up provides our summaries on these latest industry news. It is made possible with our NLP-based algorithms.

News Round Up

MSI announced on 16 Dec 2021

A New game changer of 4K gaming – MAG281URF
MSI, the world’s leading manufacturer for true gaming hardware, is proudly expanding the hardware possibilities for all gamers.Today, we are honored to introduce our latest 4K UHD gaming monitor, the Optix MAG281URF which features advanced less blue light technology and MSI's KVM technology.The Optix MAG281URF is equipped with a 4K resolution panel with a 144Hz refresh rate achieved via HDMI 2.1. MSI's Less Blue Light Premium function is a built-in EYESAFE certificated hardware solution that reduces harmful light-emitting wavelengths and maintains Color Gamut and Color temperature to display flawless picture quality.Another gamer-friendly design is MSI's KVM function that not only allows gamers to control 2 devices via one set of keyboards and mice connected to a monitor but also supports file transfer under PBP modes. The MSI Optix MAG281URF is a great option.Always improving, MSI will keep on challenging itself in the design of gaming monitors, and ensure that you are always ahead of your opponents.
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Sapphire Technology announced on 17 Dec 2021

SAPPHIRE Hits The Market with an Incredible New AIO CPU Cooler Series with the SAPPHIRE NITRO+ S360-A and S240-A
December 17th, 2021 - SAPPHIRE Technology announces the latest addition to the NITRO+ Gaming Series product lineup with two new AIO CPU Coolers – the SAPPHIRE NITRO+ S360-A and S240-A AIO CPU Cooler. A combination of our SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Hybrid Fan Blade and an Asetek 7th Gen Pump ensures optimal thermal performance coupled with high quality EPDM Tubes with Nylon Mesh Sleeves. With a brand new unique organic “spider” pump cap design and beautiful ARGB accents customizable with third party devices, the new SAPPHIRE NITRO+ AIO CPU Cooler Series is bound to be an integrated piece in any PC.
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Xiaomi announced on 20 Dec 2021

Xiaomi Imagery Awards 2021 WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT
The Xiaomi Imagery Awards 2021 “Happy Moments” winners were declared on December 20. The Xiaomi Imagery Awards official team announced the Grand Prize winner was Aung Chan Thar, who received US$5,000 in creative funds from Xiaomi’s official photography shooting program. Photos submitted to the contest showcased participants’ personal perspective on life, telling unique stories through the lens of Xiaomi phones.
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