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Photo of Fujifilm instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera
Neoscore* 78%
  • Quick, easy-to-use autofocus
  • Foldable glass lens
  • Easy to use
  • Packed of Instax Square film is a little tricky to load


Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1 is a square-format instant camera that's easy affordable and easy to use. The Instax SQ1 offers the ease of one-button operation, a mirror for selfies, and it gives you the spontaneous, unpredictable feeling that you only get with a true film camera. In-camera editing tools let you add filters and print off black-and-white shots.
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Sentiment Score[*] 82%
Reviewers from pcmag have found the following[***]:
The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1 is an instant camera with loads of appeal. It's a pure point-and-shoot, easy enough to pass off to a friend for a snapshot. The camera itself is on the bulky side, at 5.2 by 4.7 by 2.3 inches (HWD)
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  • Simple, easy-to-use design
  • Wide-angle lens makes for solid selfies
  • Solid black-and-white film
  • Not as sharp as Polaroid


Sentiment Score[*] 77%
Reviewers from techradar have found the following[***]:
Fujifilm Instax SQ1 is a new middle ground in its instant camera range. It combines the ease of use of Fuji's more basic models with larger, square format film. The fixed focus lens makes the SQ1 best suited to portraits and middle-distance subjects. It's hard to beat for sheer value, filling a gap between the basic Instax Mini 11 and the more advanced SQ6.
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  • Simple, easy-to-use design
  • Large, square format film
  • Easy to use
  • Small print size
  • Slow autofocus


Sentiment Score[*] 76%
Reviewers from trustedreviews have found the following[***]:
The Fujifilm Instax SQ1 is the brand's latest instant camera. There are no settings, no control over the flash and only a duo of shooting modes. This camera uses the Instax Square film (62mm x 62mm image area) which is larger than the film used by the cheaper Mini range of Instax cameras.
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  • Very easy to use
  • Large Instax film
  • Auto-exposure works well
  • Small size
  • Small viewfinder


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