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Samsung ElectronicsPublished on 21 Mar 2021Last Edited on 16 Sep 2021Written by Dr Jiulin Teng w/ Neosummarizer*


Photo of Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K TV
Neoscore* 84%
  • Impressive upscaling of 8K content
  • Impressive motion handling
  • Slim bezel
  • Nothing in particular


The Samsung Q950TS is the brand's 2020 flagship 8K TV. It's equipped with Ambilight and supports Dolby Vision as well as HDR10+ dynamic metadata compatibility. It sounds better than any other TV on the market, thanks to its Bowers & Wilkins integrated soundbar. The price makes it an undeniably idiosyncratic purchase.
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Sentiment Score[*] 80%
Reviewers from Techradar have found the following[***]:
The Samsung Q950TS is Samsung's flagship 2020 QLED TV. Off-board connections, nicely slim chassis and extremely thin bezel makes for one of the most discreet 75-inch TVs around. Samsung's ability to keep black tones differentiated and white tones clean – even when they're on-screen simultaneously - is impressive on a fairly fundamental level.
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  • Impressive picture quality
  • Excellent remote control
  • Impressive HDR performance
  • Nothing in particular


Sentiment Score[*] 85%
Reviewers from Trustedreviews have found the following[***]:
The Samsung QE75Q950TS is a 75-inch TV from the brand's 2020 flagship range of 8K TVs. It boasts a new video processor that includes elements of deep learning; a new audio system that places sounds accurately on the screen; and a spectacular new frame-free design. The incredibly trim bezel also means that you feel more immersed in the screen's pictures.
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  • Extremely sharp and detailed picture
  • New Ambient Mode feature
  • Improved motion handling
  • Nothing in particular


Sentiment Score[*] 87%
Reviewers from Whathifi have found the following[***]:
The Q950TS is the top model in Samsung's 2020 TV range. It's the first 8K TV we've tested that isn't a downgrade on its 4K siblings. Samsung's One Connect system routes all of the TV's connections through an external box that can be hidden out of sight. Tizen operating system is the best in class in terms of both usability and app selection.
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  • Super-slim design
  • 8K support
  • Excellent app selection
  • Nothing in particular


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